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Question 1

On your palm, find your heart line. Which image does it most closely resemble?

Palm Reading -  Curved Heart Line
heart line
Palm Reading -  Straight Heart Line
heart line
Question 2

How many branches are on your heart line?

Palm Reading -  No Branches
No Branches
Palm Reading -  Two Branches
Two branches
Palm Reading -  Three or More Branches
Three or more branches
Question 3

On your palm, find your head line. Which image most closely matches your head line?

Palm Reading -  Long Head Line
Palm Reading -  Short Straight Head Line
Short & Straight
Palm Reading -  Average Head Line
Average (ends under
the ring finger)
Question 4

Is your head line curved or straight?

Palm Reading -  Curved Head Line
Curved head line
Palm Reading -  Straight Head Line
Straight head line
Question 5

Do your head and heart lines blend together to form one line?

Palm Reading -  Head & Heart Lines Blended
Palm Reading -  Head & Heart Lines Unblended

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